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FlagZone is a leading manufacturer of high quality U.S. flags of all sizes. We also offer state flags, foreign flags, marine flags, message and decorative flags and banners and a wide assortment of flagpoles and other flag-related products. Our ‘Custom’ department produces custom made flags and banners made to our customers specifications. Our capabilities include state-of–the-art digital printing equipment that can produce high quality images on numerous fabrics.

FlagZone products are offered through various venues but our primary focus, by choice, is the Independent Flag Dealer Community. FlagZone has enjoyed steady growth since its inception, primarily because more and more dealers have come to recognize that the FlagZone ‘Value Proposition’ provides significant competitive advantages in an increasingly challenging business environment.

FlagZone dealers receive a combination of Quality, Service and Price benefits that enable them to compete more effectively in their marketplace. The specific mix and level of benefits a dealer receives is based upon their individual needs, the characteristics of their particular business and their level of commitment to the FlagZone program.

At FlagZone, we recognize that our success is largely dependent upon the success and growth of our dealers.

Made in the U.S.A.

FlagZone manufactures, with great pride, every United States flag it offers. All materials used are produced and all assembly is performed in the United States.

Please help us to continue this proud tradition. Look for the 'Made in the U.S.A.' on any flag product you purchase.

What's New

  • DealerZone is Here

    Dealers can now order directly from our website, see order history and search our catalog. Your sales representative will give you your unique login.
  • Digital Print Capacity Expanded

    We recently installed a new, high capacity steamer. This new technology means capacity has more than tripled and colors are deeper and brighter.

    Flagzone worked closely with the manufacturer to assure that the steamer would deliver the desired performance improvements.

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