Flag Flying Holidays

  • January 1st - New Year's Day
  • January 20th - Inauguration Day
  • 3rd Monday in January - Martin Luther King's Birthday
  • February 12th - Lincoln's Birthday
  • 3rd Monday in February - President's Day
  • February 22nd - Washington's Birthday
  • April 6th - Army Day
  • April 13th - Thomas Jefferson's Birthday
  • Easter Sunday
  • May 8th - V-E Day
  • 2nd Sunday in May - Mother's Day
  • 3rd Saturday in May - Armed Forces Day
  • May 22nd - National Maritime Day
  • Last Monday in May - Memorial Day
  • June 14th - Flag Day
  • 3rd Sunday in June - Father's Day
  • July 4th - Independence Day
  • 1st Monday in September - Labor Day
  • September 11th - Patriot Day
  • September 17th - Constitution Day
  • 3rd Friday in September - POW/MIA Recognition Day
  • 2nd Monday in October - Columbus Day
  • 1st Tuesday in November - Election Day
  • November 11th - Veteran's Day
  • 4th Thursday in November - Thanksgiving Day
  • December 7th - Pearl Harbor Day
  • December 25th - Christmas Day

What's New

  • DealerZone is Here

    Dealers can now order directly from our website, see order history and search our catalog. Your sales representative will give you your unique login.
  • Digital Print Capacity Expanded

    We recently installed a new, high capacity steamer. This new technology means capacity has more than tripled and colors are deeper and brighter.

    Flagzone worked closely with the manufacturer to assure that the steamer would deliver the desired performance improvements.

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